Forcible Entry Doors (mobile units):

-    “Through-the-lock” door (with carriage bolt cutting application for rotary saw work)
-    Inward swinging (residential) pry door. “E-Force” style door from exactfire.com. This is a half size door custom made to fit into the back of the FireVent unit.
-    Outward swinging (commercial) pry door. “E-Force” style door from exactfire.com. This is a half size door custom made to fit into the back of the FireVent unit.
-    Hinge cutting for additional rotary saw work.



Expandable Attic Space:

-    The attic space adjusts with the roof pitch, so that you have a flat ceiling below the roof. 12/12 pitch has a very large (deep) attic space.
-    Firefighters are able to reach down through the attic space and breach or simulate breaching the ceiling below to access room and contents below.
-    Very important training feature. Firefighters must have proper length tool to reach the ceiling below.
-    You can place sheetrock on the ceiling joists or the OSB sheeting used for the roof. With the OSB the firefighters can simply simulate striking the ceiling.
-    When OSB is used it also keeps the falling debris from striking the unit below and can make clean up easier when training is completed.



Bailout Second Story Window:


-    Second story window for firefighter bailouts and second story window evolutions.
-    Built in belay / safety line anchor point.
-    Engineered load ratings.



Overhead Door Cutting Station (mobile units):

-    The overhead door cutting station allows for practicing cutting and forcing entry through residential and commercial roll-up style doors.
-    Adjusts to accommodate doors ranging from 8ft to 20ft long.



Auto Extrication Door (mobile units):

-    Simulates basic evolution of forcing open a car door with hydraulic spreaders and then cutting simulated hinges of door with hydraulic cutters.
-    Heavy duty simulated car door.
-    Integrated into the frame of mobile units.
-    Designed for high repetition with easily replaced consumable parts.
-    Patent pending design.



Storage Compartment (Standard and Academy mobile units only):

-    Added secure storage (saws, tools, material etc..)
-    Large, weather resistant and lockable.
-    Built into the frame of units.
-    Heavy duty steel and aluminum diamond plate construction.



Night Operations Lighting Package (mobile units only):

-    All lights are LED and run on 12v system.
-    16 platform lights (4 on each corner post)
-    8 lights at mid prop level that illuminate to bed of unit and the underside of roofing platform.
-    8 lights located underneath the unit to illuminate the ground around the unit.
-    Lights inside the storage compartment (if so equipped)
-    Switch panel for lights located in storage or pump box.
-    Converter to convert 110vac to 12vdc.



Activated Sprinkler Heads:


-    Two sprinkler heads, able to run to to drills at the same time. 
-    Heads located under the ridge of roofing platform, able to work at plugging activated heads from variable heights.
-    Great for salvage and overhaul drills also.



Hazardous Materials Leak Simulator (mobile units):

-    MC-306 dome leak simulator.
-    DOT-406 dome leak simulator.
-    Integrated into units.
-    Real dome heads connect to water supply and pressurize to create actual leaks that firefighters or students use conventional methods stop.



Custom and two-tone colors available: 



110v Hydraulic Pump:

-    Uses 110v power operate hydraulic system.
-    Can be plugged directly into wall outlet or generator of adequate size (3500w or larger)    
-    Eliminates battery maintenance.



Goose Neck Hitch:

-    Goose neck style hitch available.


Saw Package:

-    Cutters Edge chainsaw #CE2171RSD8 with bullet chain.

-    Cutters Edge rotary saw #CE807R14A with black lighting blade.


Ladder Package:

-    Alcolite 20’ 2-section extension #PEL20.

-    Alcolite 12’ roof ladder #PRL12.
-    Ladder rack included to mount ladders (mobile units).


Forcible Entry Tools:

-    6lb flathead axe W/32” fiberglass handle.
-    30” Pro-Bar Haligan.