Mobile Units

Our mobile units have a vey unique, innovative and fully patented design that allow the props to open and close, from the traveling position to the training position, with the use of two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. The same hydraulic cylinders are then used to raise and lower the roofing platform to the desired pitch for training. 

The mobile FireVent units can be equipped with everything needed to perform all the training evolutions saws, ladders forcible entry tools etc. This is very beneficial so that no equipment is taken off of first out engine companies, which may delay response times, if the firefighters that are training on the unit are dispatched to a call they can leave the unit quickly without having to put equipment back into service. The mobile units can easily be moved from station to station for duty crews to be able to train between calls and when it is convenient for them.   

Whether it is our mobile or stationary units our desire is to build the best and be the best when it comes to ventilation training props for the fire service. Our passion is quality, performance and value!


3 models:

-    Compact, 16ft  x 12ft roofing platform
-    Standard,  20ft x 12ft roofing platform
-    Academy, 24ft x 12ft roofing platform

Construction, all models:

-    Made in the USA
-    All steel of US origin  (mill certificates available)
-    All tubular steel construction.
-    Trailer custom made and integrated with prop.
-    Aluminum diamond plate sides.
-    Sprayed on heavy duty “Rhino Pro” bed liner.
-    All LED warning and signal lighting.
-    6K tandem axles with electric brakes on each.
-    Aluminum 8 lug wheels.
-    Steel belted 10 ply tires.
-    Bumper pull hitch with adjustable height, ball or pintle.
-    BlueOx SwayPro weight distribution hitch.
-    7 pin electrical connection to tow vehicle.
-    12K tongue jack with drop leg.
-    8K side jacks (outriggers) with drop legs.
-    110v shoreline built into the frame of trailer
-    Standard paint color “cobalt red” (custom colors available)
-    Smaller parts that are attached to trailer are all powder coated.
-    “Big Foot” outrigger pads with slide in storage trays.

Specifications & Features, all models:

-    Weight unladen (empty) approx.; 6,300 lbs.  7,300 lbs.  8,300 lbs.
-    Load capacity approx.; 3,700 lbs.  2,700 lbs.  1,700 lbs.
-    Gross weight capacity all models 9,999lbs. (all models have 6K axels giving them a capacity of 12K, however all models are rated at 9,999 to eliminate the need for "J" endorsement on license)
-    Tongue weight approx.; ?   900 lbs.     ?
-    Overall length; 23ft  27ft  31ft
-    Width on all models (closed transport position) 8ft.
-    Height on all models (closed transport position) 9ft 6in.
-    Roofing platform height 9ft (flat position)
-    Rub rail and anchor tie off around perimeter of platform.
-    Variable pitch, flat to 12/12 (hydraulically controlled)
-    110v hydraulic system, standard. (12v available)
-    Heavy-duty 3000 psi dual hydraulic cylinders.
-    4500 psi hydraulic hoses throughout.
-    Aluminum diamond plate storage box for hydraulic pump.
-    Safety post / chain system around perimeter of roofing platform.
-    Engineered for live load of 1,800 lbs.  (all models) on roofing platform at any pitch.
-    Engineered for wind load of 60 mph at any pitch (all models)