Ventilation... and much more!

Extremely mobile, versatile and affordable! Designed to give firefighters valuable hands on training while remaining in service at their station. Numerous single engine or truck company evolutions. Heavy duty, rugged and self-contained, a valuable asset to any training program, not only paid and volunteer fire departments, but also any fire academy training program.

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Training Applications

  • roof top, variable pitch, vertical ventilation,  flat (commercial) to 45 degrees (custom residential)
  • gable end ventilation (elevated vertical wall)
  • forcible entry "through the lock" non-destructive, pry door, hinge cutting, dead bolt cutting, drop bar carriage bolt cutting
  • overhead door forcible entry/cutting, adjustable system from 8ft wide to 18ft wide roll up or panel style doors
  • confined space entry
  • through the floor / basement rescue
  • ceiling  (sheet rock) pulling / breaching
  • second story window rescue and ladder evolutions
  • Firefighter bailout
  • many other possible training evolutions ie: firefighter entanglement, rit, wall breaching. etc...


  • unladen weight approx. - 7,200lbs
  • load capacity approx. - 4,800lbs
  • gross trailer weight - 12,000lbs
  • tongue weight approx. - 900lbs
  • length approx. - 26 feet
  • width closed approx. - 8 feet
  • height closed approx. - 10 feet
  • roofing platform dimensions - 12 ft x 20ft
  • roofing platform height (flat) - 9ft
  • roofing platform pitch variable, from flat to 12/12 or 45 degrees
  • engineered for 1,800lb live load on roofing platform at any pitch
  • engineered for wind load of 60mph at any pitch


  • trailer custom made and integrated with prop
  • all tubular steel construction
  • aluminum diamond plate siding
  • large, built in, weather proof, locking,aluminum diamond plate, storage box for tools, small consumables and hydraulic power unit housing
  • all  LED warning and signal lighting
  • 6,000lb tandem axles with electric brakes on each
  • aluminum 8 lug wheels
  • steel belted 10 ply tires
  • bumper pull hitch with adjustable hitch height ball or pintle type available
  • fifth wheel style available also
  • 7 pin electrical connection to tow vehicle
  • 12,000lb tongue jack with drop leg
  • 8,000lb side jacks (out riggers) with drop legs


  • heavy duty 12volt hydraulic pump - power up and power down
  • heavy duty 2500psi dual hydraulic cylinders
  • 4500psi hoses throughout
  • 2 deep cycle 12 volt batteries
  • detachable remote control with 18 ft cord


  • Integrated Smoke System :  beam of roofing platform used as smoke distribution manifold with 2 inch discharge openings in each rafter bay. Smoke is supplied from smoke generator on the ground by 3" supply hose connected to manifold. Smoke is encapsulated in each rafter bay by roofing material on top of rafter and sheet rock on bottom of rafter. Smoke is released from individual rafter bays when breached from the top or bottom during ventilation or ceiling pulling evolutions.
  • Rafter System : 2 "(1-1/2") x 4" x 12' steel beam placed into heavy duty steel joist hangers, 2" x 6" x 12' conventional lumber placed on the top of steel beam and screwed into heavy duty joist hanger. The 2"x6"' is  now the consumable material  and not a 2"x10" with all the load bearing benefits of the larger 2"x10" also increasing the smoke capacity of each rafter bay.
  • Sheet Rock System : Sheet rock is slipped into integrated channels on the bottom of the steel rafter beams. No nailing or screwing required.

Equipment Packages Available

  • Saws: Cutters Edge CE2171RSD8 chain saw, CE807R14A rotary saw, exclusive package pricing.
  • Smoke generator: Bullex SG4000, exclusive package pricing.
  • Lighting package: LED lighting for elevated roofing platform, adjustable mounted lighting for forcible entry applications and storage box. Safety lighting for ground immediately surrounding training prop. All lighting self-contained by 12volt system with a 110volt shoreline for charging purposes and power for 110volt outlet as power source for possible other electrical equipment.
  • Ladder package (specs to follow)
  • Hand tool package (specs to follow)